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Nathalie CULOT

An artist born in 1963, Nathalie Culot graduated from the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She has turned away from painting to focus solely on coloured pigments, which she employs masterfully and with great sensitivity in the novel medium of recycled cardboard. 

Nathalie Culot's works are intended not only as paintings but as explorations of material, including volumes and the notion of coloured light. In her hands, cardboard becomes a work of art that she reinvents in each piece, bringing new life to the material through her totally unique techniques of cutting, folding, shaping, assembling, and colouring.

Her work, with its many visual effects, gives meaning to space through its original, high-relief frescoes, and has been commissioned by architectural agencies and for public places such as libraries.

Nathalie Culot gives new life to a space, bringing a wall to life by capitalising on the surrounding light sources. Cardboard also has soundproofing qualities and helps retain heat in the space.

Her exploration of light through the very material of painting itself (and of volume) brings to mind the work of Rothko or Soulages.

Straddling the boundary between painting and sculpture, her works invite us to engage in visual contemplation replete with meaning.

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